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About Us

NGOjobs was set up to provide an affordable and easy way for NGOs and charities to advertise their job vacancies.

Here are some of our features:

  • FREE registration for organisations and candidates
  • All jobs are FREE to advertise
  • Organisations/agencies can submit job vacancies anytime via their own profile page
  • Candidates can upload their CV to their own profile
  • Showcase your business via our services page FREE
  • Consultants can also have their own FREE profile giving them extra exposure to help win new business
  • Send in news stories, press releases, announcements, advertorials via our news and features page
  • Submit banner logos
  • Upload training courses on our courses page
  • Candidates can register and receive job alerts

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Mission Statement

At NGOjobs we aim to provide a value for money employment advertising resource for the NGO and charity sector. We will work in partnership with our customers to ensure we listen to their needs and strive to add value. Our goal is to provide a useful and value added job advertising site for both job seekers and employers alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which isn't answered below, feel free to contact us via email at info@ngojobs.co.uk or via one of the methods listed on our contact page.

For Employers and Recruiters How do I add my job advertisement?

First, register your Employer Account. If the job you wish to advertise is an unpaid position, there is no charge for listing your job, but adding a paid position will require you to purchase Tokens (there is more information on our Token system below in the FAQ). You can find more information on our Token pricing structure on our advertising rates page.

Once you've registered, logged in and purchased some tokens (if applicable), you will be able to add your job via an online form in your Employer Account Area.

What are Tokens?

The Token system used by our website is intended to make adding jobs as effective as possible and also to provide you with a simple method of uploading your job vacancies that is both convenient and effective.

We offer FREE Tokens to all our registered employers and these are used to upload positions.

At present all jobs are FREE to advertise including paid positions. However there is a small charge if you want to have an enhanced feature to make your advert stand out. If you have any questions regarding our Token system, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

What is a 'Featured Job'?

Featured Jobs are a way of giving your advertised position more exposure on our website. Your job will appear on the right hand side of our job listing pages, as well as on our home page.

What is an 'Enhanced' Job Advertisement?

Enhanced Job Advertisements appear at the top of our Job Search results, and will also appear at the top of any Job Alert emails.

Who will see my advert?

NGOjobs' audience primarily consists of professionals working across the development field within all disciplines reaching a potential audience of over 10,000 unique viewers each month. We are not a pile them high website where your advert gets lost in amongst dozens of others. Our aim is to ensure that your advert stands out and that you get the right candidates so your time is not wasted wading through irrelevant CV's. Our marketing is simple and is focused on finding professionals within the sector.

How much does it cost to post a job with NGOjobs.co.uk?

At the moment all positions are FREE to advertise including Volunteer, unpaid and internship roles.

What type of advert is it?

Your online advert is a text only advert and will include your organisation's logo, url and a description of your organisation. We will also link documents directly to your site or webpage at no extra cost and we will also give you unlimited edits.

How many job adverts can I place?

You may place any amount of job vacancies providing you have enough tokens allocated to you.

How long will my job advert appear on the website?

Your job advert will appear until its closing date has expired but you may remove it sooner if you wish. If there is no closing date, we will normally allow the job to run for 28 days.

For Candidates and Jobseekers How do I apply for a job?

Applying for jobs on our website is very simple. First, you'll need to register your Candidate account via our registration page.

The next step will be to upload your CV to our website via the 'Upload your CV' link in your Candidate Account Area. We support a variety of formats, including MS Word documents and Rich Text Format (RTF) files.

Once you've done this, simply click the 'Apply for this Job' link below the description of the job you wish to apply for. If you wish, you can also add a covering letter to your application. The employer will then be notified of your application, and be able to view your CV.

You can track which jobs you've applied for via your Candidate's Account Area.

How do I upload my CV?

To upload your CV, log in to your Candidate Account and choose the 'Upload your CV' link. You'll be prompted to select the file from your computer's hard drive, and once selected your CV will be uploaded to our website.

Who can view my CV?

Your CV can only be accessed by employers who have posted a job which you have applied for via our website. Nobody else has access to your CV or its contents.

What are 'Saved Jobs'?

If you see a position which you would like to apply for at a later date, you can click the 'Save this job' link under each job description and the job will be placed into your Saved Jobs area. You can then refer to this at a later date without having to search for the position again.

What are 'Job Email Alerts'?

Each day, our system will compile a list of the jobs added on that day and send out an email to our registered Candidates who have chosen to receive them containing the details of each job. To avoid you receiving emails for jobs which do not interest you, you can select your specific criteria via your Job Email Alerts section of your Candidate Account Area. You can disable this feature at any time by unticking any options you have selected.

What's the difference between HTML and Plain Text email alerts?

There is no difference on the content of the emails, althought HTML emails will be better formatted and generally easier to read. Some types of email software however have issues with displaying HTML emails. If you are affected by this, you should choose the Plain Text option.